Skyway is advanced hexacopter designed for Ehang.
It enables users to equip it with different professional cameras, infrared camera for night surveillance, 360 cameras or case that can carry load up to 5 kilograms of weight. It is designed with optional equipment in mind such as obstacle-avoidance system or secondary camera for pilot to improve flight in narrow spaces or while main camera is is turned sidewayds or backwards.

Skyway is based on intuitive flight control system via smartphone or tablet where different modes are available, also in combination with optional VR headset.
Its design is developed to make consistent line of Ehang's products with their first consumer drone named Ghost so that brand can be easily recognized on the international market. To increase or reduce visibility for different applications and environments Skyway is designed to be produced in 3 different color options.
It features innovative retractable polyester holder on the top so that users can carry it conveniently when it is folded.
First pre-production prototypes are developed within less than 2 months thanks to good collaboration with Ehang's engineers and production team.

The prototypes are officially introduced on CES 2016 in Las Vegas, the biggest tech fair in the world.
Design, modeling, renderings and post-production by Darko Nikolić
All rights reserved © EHANG
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