The goal was to design smartphone that follows brand identity of Bang & Olufsen which is known as premium brand that combines innovative yet sophisticated designs with high-quality electronics and built quality. Designing a smartphone for Bang & Olufsen mean to overcome conventional shape of smartphone to deliver unique product that speaks a lot about style of their customers. Traditionally many innovative yet discreet solutions are applied not just to make product that visually stands out from competition but to connect emotionally through high attention to detail that captures other senses through everyday use.

Serphon is based on high-quality audio electronics and state-of-the-art camera that does not need flash to deliver outstanding image quality even at night. Its Super AMOLED HD display delivers great color reproduction that in combination with high-contrast Android OS specially developed for this purpose makes impression that whole interface is floating across black surface of the phone. Serphon is based on numerous hardly visible micro-holes located along the frame of the phone to deliver crystal-clear sound but also to allow light and laser-based distance sensor to work properly.
Such high-quality electronics and solutions are packed in CNC machined stainless steel frame polished to mirror-quality surface and covered with Gorilla Glass™ to make whole package to confidently stand the test of time in order to make statement for their users.

Designing for Bang & Olufsen is not just to create competitive products that never fails to amaze their users but to create timeless pieces of design that will confidently stand the test of time with immortal sophisticated style.
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