Lifth is a multi-functional electric device designed to give more comfort in small spaces such as cottages, yachts, mobile homes or private jets. It is based on use of electric motor and lights installed on the ceiling which allows it to be used as a table, light or both at the same time. It features retractable holder so that it can be pulled to the ceiling when it is not used as table.
With remote control that could be mounted on every flat surface, it is possible to adjust the height of the table with commands up and down (/\ and \/) and commands for adjusting brightness of the light ( + and - ). LED light in the center of the remote blinks when it is not used to stay visible at night.
Lifth designed by Darko Nikolić
Despite holder's central position, the table has pentagonal shape which allows to have normal conversation between all persons who are sitting there. After using it as a table it could be easily wiped and lifted up to ceiling in order to keep its surface free from dust and insects that might be attracted by light. By comparing it with conventional tables, having a table that has no legs also means that it is far easier to clean up the area bellow.
Simple look allows Lifth to be easily customized in order to fit various types of modern interiors. Thanks to applied solutions, Lifth practically takes no space when it is not used as a table, and by using it with stackable chairs, the surface it takes can actually be only the size of only one stackable chair.

Design, modeling, digital renderings and post-production by Darko Nikolić
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