Escape board designed by Darko Nikolić
Escape board is a skateboard with transparent board made of Lexan (advanced polycarbonate material used as bulletproof glass), that, in combination with specially developed binding system brings unique experience and impression by allowing to even inexperienced riders to jump simply and naturally.
Escape board uses changeable transparent layers of Lexan that could be added or reduced depending on rider's weight. That solution allows to riders to customize their boards by putting whatever type of graphic between those layers, which would be safe from scratching but also easy to replace.
Escape board is a skateboard that uses specially developed binding system called Strap System that allows even to inexperienced riders to simply jump with less chances for board to break. The system is placed right above the axles in order to transfer most of the landing force through them by avoiding the board to be damaged. Strap System allows pushing because they are semi-flexible which means that each Strap keeps same shape as foot was before pushing, but to make it rider's second nature it require some practice. So after feet are putted inside straps and tightened with simple their simple moves, axles and wheels are not visible but only the transparent board. Strap System allows to rider to transfer weight a bit to both sides of the board (known as nose and tail), but also to make board secure while landing by moving one foot closer to other.

By replacing sandpaper (that is typical for standard skateboards) with Strap system, Escape Board allows to ride in various types of shoes that will be safe from harm while riding. The system allows to tighten the board with simple and natural moves of feet and also allows certain mobility for doing tricks and comfort while pushing.

Other advantage of using Lexan for the board is that it is resistant to wet conditions which led us to develop the wheels which needs to be resistant to water by protecting ball bearings inside them from corrosion. Specially developed wheels now do not just protect ball bearings just from water but also from dust, which means that it keeps their performance longer than usually.

Adjustments of axles and Strap system are possible only through kingpins (largest bolts on each axle). In this presentation are shown actual prototype and digital renderings of possible production model with few more improvements.
Design, modeling, prototyping, digital renderings and post-production by Darko Nikolić.
Photography by Tamara Gavrilović
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